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7 Reasons Why Men Prefer To Book Exclusive Escorts

December 07, 2016 /Eva Mendez

There’s a reason more men choose to book our exclusive companions over other London call girls.

Exclusivity is a desirable trait and one that we know well, as lead providers of the top exclusive London companions. Why book with us rather than one of London’s other providers? The reasons are easy, but we’ll throw you a few if you still have your doubts.

1. Exclusivity equals envy. Everyone knows that if you have something extremely exclusive and desirable in your grasp, your colleagues and friends are more likely to envy you, and in a good way! Become the envy of all your mates and coworkers when you show up with one of our exclusive glamour models on your arm. They’re the perfect complement to any occasion and always look lovely.

2. Exclusivity equals power. When you roll with an exclusive set of people, you come to expect a certain standard of service. Such is what happens when you’re spending time with our exclusive companions. They can easily get the best service at any restaurant, club or bar, simply because of who they know and their connections in the business. And if they don’t happen to know anyone, they’ll win over the staff anywhere with their charm and good looks.

3. Exclusivity equals knowledge. You wouldn’t expect that the exclusive set of London wouldn’t have its own share of secrets, would you? Get to know all the hottest gossip and all the latest intel when you get to know the exclusive model of your choice. Be warned, though – she’s only giving up the goods in regards to the men who aren’t her clients!

4. Exclusivity equals luxury. Of course, our exclusive escorts are very well accustomed to a certain type of luxury lifestyle, and they expect nothing less than the best, and they can bring you into that world as well. From private jets to private yachts, to private islands and beyond, you’ll enjoy the world’s finest, as our exclusive girls introduce you to their world.

Are you ready to become one of the exclusive set yet? Our exclusive London females can take you there.

5. Exclusivity equals professionalism. There’s nothing more important to our exclusive girls than professionalism, which you’ll easily see as soon as you give one of our representatives a call to book your night out (or in!). They’re the very picture of discretion and always willing to please, offering the best service and the best time, so you’ll never be left unsatisfied or wanting more than they’re willing to give up.

6. Exclusivity equals privacy. We have a high level of clientele, all of whom need a high level of privacy. Like we said, you may get to know some of the gossip around the ‘water cooler,’ as it were, but you’ll never learn a thing about one of our clients. From politicians to celebrities to royalty to CEOs of worldwide companies, our exclusive companions know someone in every circle, and we treat them all with the same respect you’re sure to enjoy.

7. Exclusivity equals fun! Just because you’re exclusive and on the higher up doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy as much fun as possible, and that’s exactly what our exclusive London girls will give you! Have the time of your life, no matter what you’re up to, from traveling the world to a night on the town, they make even the simplest evenings one to remember.