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Could A Lap Dance At A Party Entice A Man Enough To Book A Escort Girl in London?

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

When was the last time you hooked up with a beautiful escort girl at a London party?

Do you just admire London escort girls from afar, or do you make a conquest at every party you go to? Make your conquests the easy way: with a beautiful and sexy London girl escort.

Let us set a scene for you. Imagine you’re at a party. It’s a pretty nice party, too. Maybe it’s one for all your guy friends, or something swanky that some colleagues from work cooked up. Whatever it is, there’s lots of top-shelf booze and gorgeous escort girls everywhere. If one of those girls offered you a lap dance, would you take it? Chances are high that you would.

After all, you’re around all your guy friends, who are sure to be egging you on, and you definitely wouldn’t want to look like a prude in front of your colleagues.

On another level, forget about them, because of course you probably want a lap dance from a beautiful party girl (or two!) if you can get it. If it’s free at a VIP party where the alcohol is flowing, even better. If the girls are top-notch, high class companions, there’s nothing to lose. Your wife or girlfriend isn’t there and if they cared about you getting a lap dance, there’s no way for them to find out. You get your lap dance, you go home, everything’s great.

However, after you go home and are alone or with your girlfriend or wife, what’s the likelihood that you’re going to call that same girl back, or even a different girl from the same London escort agency, and book a prmier escort girl service. It could go either way. Do you fit the certain kind of clientele these agencies are looking for?

Are you the kind of guy that top escorts are looking for?

If you’re worried and agitated about your wife or girlfriend catching you at the hypothetical VIP party, you’re not going to be any fun with a Mayfair escort or Knightsbridge call girl, just hanging around town, shopping, dining or clubbing. You’ll be paranoid. However, if you’re this kind of guy, there is a solution for you – travel companions. The benefit of having a travel companion means you get to go somewhere far away from your home life in the company of a beautiful broad. It may be a little bit pricier, because you have to pay for things like airfare, luxury hotel stays, tours, shopping and dining at the best outlets, but it may be totally worth it to you in order to get away.

However, the prime guy agencies are looking to snag at these types of VIP parties are the ones with no reservations. They have no steady woman in their lives and they’re both rambunctious and ready to go, eager to please a plethora of women, rather than just one. They’re the ones who take the lap dance, take the girl and take life by the horns. Is this the kind of guy you are? If so, you may be exactly the man dozens of classy escort girls are waiting for. Maybe you’re not entirely this guy, but you desperately want to be him. So let us show you! Our gorgeous girl escorts will show you around town, showing you a great time while you’re at it. And it all starts with a lap dance.