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Don't Forget To Order Your Tailored Suite From Savile Row in Mayfair Before Booking A Premium Escort Online

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

Don’t show up to your escort’s door in any old suit!

New to London? Just in for a visit? You’re going to need a brand new designer or bespoke suit. 

New to the city of London? Never fear! This Mayfair escort agency is ready to show you around the elite neighbourhood. Of course, before you can even begin to think about taking a stylish female companion out on the town, you’ll want to pay a visit to Savile Row. What is this men’s fashion landmark? You’re about to find out.

Savile Row is known to the most well dressed men around the world as the place to go for bespoke suits and tailoring services in Europe. It’s been this way for centuries, and it’s the best place in the city to find the perfect suit made exactly for you. You can find a great deal, surprisingly, though, with bespoke suits starting at about 5,000 pounds. Tailors here have served celebrities, the rich and famous and even royalty. So which stores do you want to visit to buy this one of a kind suit?

Try one of these favourite stores, picked by escort agencies, for your next suit.

Try Stowers Bespoke if you’re on a bit of a budget, since you can find made-to-measure suits in addition to bespoke suits. Plus, if you’ve never had a bespoke suit before, the made-to-measure variety will seem just as luxurious to you, as a newbie. Of course, it can take up two months and a handful of fittings for your suit to be delivered. However, if you keep coming back to them, they’ll move you to the top of the line more quickly, meaning you can get your suit in just a few days. You may want to consider buying a suit here on a quick business trip to London, then picking it up when you’re back in the city for fun.

Gieves & Hawkes is a classic, and has a history going back to the 1700s. The brand has made fine clothing for the royal military, as well for an impressive line up of royalty. If you’re on a time crunch and need something that day, you can buy ready to wear, but who really wants that when you’re on Savile Row? The real deal takes at the very least three months, though, so make sure to plan in advance.

Richard James is a newer name, but still reputable all the same. You can get ready to made clothing here as well, and you may be pleased to know the shop has served Tinie Tempah. You can get a made to measure piece in as little as six weeks, or a bespoke suit in eight. Given there’s only a two week time difference between the two, we say to go with the bespoke.

Want a woman’s touch? Kathryn Sargent has worked for the Beckhams and the royal family and she just so happens to be the very first woman to open her own shop on Savile Row. The shop is going through a trial period until August, just to see how it goes, but we’d imagine it’ll go splendidly, with her reputation. You can only get in by appointment, so be sure to make your appointment soon!