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Everything You Need To Know About The Erotic Nature Of Belly Dancing

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

Belly dancing is a prime skill coveted by London’s best Arab escorts.

Can your favourite Arab escort belly dance? The art form is an in-demand skill for many female companions.

Arab Belly dancing has a long history as one of the most seductive and erotic art forms. It’s been idolized in the golden age of Hollywood and is now one of the more preferred talents an erotic escort can have. It’s not a skill that everyone can learn, however, and not one that’s for every man, though it does turn on the large majority. Here’s everything you need to know about this historic and sexy dance genre.

The actual term “belly dance” was actually derived from the Victorian age, right when the expansion of the British Empire was at its heyday, and explorers, militia and traders were bringing back tales of the exotic lands of the Far East. Belly dancing was one of the things. However, while it usually seems the dancer’s flat stomach is the main actor in this erotic show, most of the work is really being done by the hips. Either way, both put on a great show.

There are many Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries with there own origins of belly dancing. Historical documents point to many countries specifically. However, the ways these dances are performed differ by location. In some countries, the dance was hardly sexualized at all. Belly dancers were women, men and children and would perform in normal clothing, without the midriff revealing costumes that are often associated with the art. This is particularly true in Egypt. If your idea of belly dancing includes finger cymbals, you may be thinking of the Turkish version. Turkish belly dancers (many of whom were gypsies) were known for their acrobatic skills, taking the dance to an extreme measure, almost making it a sport. During the Victorian age, as stated above, belly dancing was introduced to the western portion of Europe, and was seen as exotic, romantic and slightly scandalous. It didn’t show up in North America until the Chicago World’s Fair, another event known for its exotic attractions from all around the world. So when did this form become a great trait to have for Arab party girls and escorts?

Belly dancing wasn’t always a talent favoured by Arab escort models.

It was in the early 20th century, when immigrants in New York started frequenting the clubs, bars and performing venues that belly dancing took to the stage and became truly sexualized for what it is today. However, it’s not sexualized everywhere, and can be found as a normal expression of individuality and art in many Middle Eastern and Arabic communities.

So what about those sexy costumes? Now, the typical costume for belly dancing is a tight bra and a full skirt that hangs tantalizingly low on the hips. They are typically brightly coloured with lots of embroidery and embellishments, including bells, sequins and glitter. They can often get quite expensive as well, so keep them in mind as a gift for your favourite companion if she’s looking to pick up a new skill.

So, now you know. The next time you meet up with a gorgeous lady who has recently taken up the hobby or has been a belly dancer for years, you can impress her with your knowledge of her art form, and then she’ll impress you with her extensive skills.