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Sensual Massage

How Erotic Massage Can Enhance Your Relationship

February 13, 2017 /Laura Santos

 Erotic escorts can help to build a better and more sensual relationship. Having only sex becomes a monotonous activity sometimes; therefore, you need to be a sensational partner and find different ideas that can arouse the feelings in your lover and you can be profoundly in love with each other. Keeping a relationship strong and intense requires a lot of effort and that becomes easier if are a stimulating escort. Being an erotic escort can help you manage a relationship that you might have given up just because of you`. Are not feeling satisfied anymore though you want to maintain it as it holds a lot of importance for you.

Tips that can work:

Erotic messages that can work for erotic escorts can be:

1. Massage your partner for longer than a minute that can lead her to sex.

2. An erotic escort must swish her partner’s back with your palms while watching t.v.

3. Apply oil to her body and don’t forget to rub it before applying.

4. Don’t rush and slow down, get your girlfriend/boyfriend in the mood through your soothing moves on the body.

5. Use your hands and then your fingers for gentle stroking. Exciting partner must keep your thumb to be used later as your secret weapon.

 6. Moaning and groaning of your partner will tell the stimulating partner that your message has been conveyed. Keeping doing what you are doing to enhance the fun.

7. Say some sweet words in your partners ears, like “Do you want it too?”, “Love you honey!”, “Do you want more?”

8. The motivating partner must cover the most surface area while stroking and be organized. Switch off your phone and turn off the lights before. Put the towel with you too.

9. Soft music and lit up candles can make your night.

10. The sexy companion also needs to be seductive by triggering all the subtle ways to arouse his partners’ feelings.