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Illicit Encounters Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult When You Meet High Class Hookers. Read These 7 Tips

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

So you’re out of town, whether on business or on leisure, and you have the chance to enjoy an illicit encounter with the sexy date of your dreams. 

Don’t let the moment go to waste! Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity provided to you, and make your high class hooker encounter as easy as possible. Learn how with our seven easy tips.

1. Go For The Best Spots. You wouldn’t go to a high-end department store and then shop in the clearance aisle, where all of last season’s cast offs are. Don’t go to London and expect to find a high class girl in the slums. You’ll want to hang around the most popular spots in Mayfair and Kensington, two of the city’s most VIP neighbourhoods. This will assure you only meet the most desirable, sophisticated and beautiful women.

2. Be Ready To Spend Cash. You can’t catch the eye of a popular broad if you’re skimping on your spending. Go to the most expensive restaurants, bars, clubs and stores to find the kinds of women that belong there, which is, of course, exactly the kind of woman you want.

3. Pick A Luxury Hotel. After you’ve stuck up a conversation with a beautiful woman, the last thing you want to do is tell her that you’re staying at a midgrade hotel on the edge of the city. You want to boast about your luxury suite in a top-notch hotel, right in the middle of the best dining, shopping and nightlife. Go for one of our preferred hotels, including The Bulgari and the Mandarin Oriental, London.

Sounds easy enough so far, right? Hook your high class hooker in London with cash, luxury and prime locations.

4. Talk The Talk. Don’t scare off your possible girl hooker of the night with talk about your life away from London, unless its impressive. She doesn’t want to hear about your wife, your kids or your boring job. She’s interested in your experiences, your adventures and how much money you make. Keep her entertained and hanging on to your every word.

5. Keep It Private. Prime hookers in London, particularly Mayfair and Kensington, value their privacy and security. While they may seem like they throw it all out there and have no limits, they do have that classy quality that requires a certain level of discretion, which is a plus for you. Don’t turn them off by drawing unneeded attention to the two of you by being loud and boisterous at the bar, or by taking a million selfies with her to post on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It’s both unflattering and and fun. 

6. Do Your Research. Also along the lines of being a good conversationalist, you want to be sure that you’re on top of all the topics she wants to talk about. If you’ve hired an outcall hooker, you should be able to look at her profile to see her likes and interests. That will give you an idea of what areas you should be knowledgeable in. If you’re just meeting an attractive woman out and about, though, you have no idea what topics you should be up to date on. Think of what you want in a woman, then, and what she would like and be interested in, and stay current on those things, whether it be European politics, foreign languages, travel trends, art, films or something else.

7. Employ A London Escort Agency. Everyone needs some help occasionally. If this is you, don’t be ashamed. You can easily hire a London escort service to assist you with finding the right high end hooker for you.