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Luxury shopping mall in London

Impress Your Female British Escort, By Shopping At The High-end Designer Outlets In London

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

Don’t take your britsh lady escort to shop just anywhere during your trip to London. 

Make sure you head to only the finest shops, boutiques and outlets in the city. As most female companions adore a shopping trip with a handsome man by their side, they’re sure to enjoy the time as well. Don’t disappoint them, and make sure you stop by one of these select stores. 

Oxford Street can be crowded on occasion, but the 300 stores can be worth it, especially if your British escort girl is somewhat of a marathon shopper. There’s a mixture of famed department stores and a few local shops with finds you’ll only get in London, perfect for your foreign escort.

Regent Street is a step up, for sure, and you’ll find a lot of great men’s and women’s luxury items. You can also pick up some bespoke items here, made especially for you. If you won’t be in town long enough to pick them up, you can have the specially created item sent to your home, where it will be a nice surprise and reminder of your perfect time in London with your beautiful date.

Bond Street boasts many of the big names that you’re probably already accustomed to. Think the same things you’d see on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, or in Milan. We’re talking Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Hermes, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and more. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s here. Treat your gallery lady to a shopping spree on this street and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand, easy.

Want to win your beautiful lady’s heart? Take her shopping at the most prime, luxurious spots in London.

Knightsbridge is home to high end shopping. These two department stores are like little towns in themselves, and a great way to spend an entire day with your British escort, just shopping. They offer everything you could want from a luxury shopping experience. On top of all the luxury brands, you’ll also be treated to fine dining, personal shopping concierge services, spa treatments, wedding planning, flowers and more. There’s just no end to the posh services they offer. You’ll never believe high end shopping started as a little grocery store in the 19th century; it now has seven floors of goodness with more than 300 departments, from tech items to pet goods.

If you’re near Mayfair, you ought to stop into Dover Street Market, where you’ll find a totally hip and modern way to shop for your favourite haute couture brands. Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent abound. The six-story building has everything you need, so you won’t even want to go anywhere else.

If you’re feeling like you want to experience a little bit of the royal treatment, go to Fortnum & Mason. While this store isn’t really like the others on this list, it is a perfect place to stock up on some luxury home goods, luggage or food items. In fact, the store is the official grocer to The Queen, perfect if your girl is a royal fan. If you can’t take any yummy bites back home with you, make sure you stop in one of the establishment’s several restaurants.

For a quick stop into some designer names while you’re out and about the city, stop in the Royal Exchange or St James’s, depending on which you’re closer to. The layouts make it easy to pop in and out, and find what you want, whether it’s a new watch or a set of sexy lingerie for your beautiful British escort companion.