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Man hitting on his wife

Take Advantage Of Discrete Ways Men Cheat On Their Wives - Read These 6 Tips

August 04, 2016 /Maria Perez

Think cheating on your wife with an model escort is hard? Think again!

With the best model escort service in London, you can easily arrange a rendezvous for you and a gorgeous model escort. Doubt us? Read on for the easy tips and tricks you can follow to make your fantasies a reality.

When you have both physical and social needs your wife can’t fulfill, you’re likely to turn to a high class escort, who can both be a trophy girl to hang on your arm, as well as a confidant and physical release. While this all good and well, the one thing you don’t want to do is get caught red-handed with a London model escort; a true classy gentleman knows how to be discrete with his extramarital affairs. How? Follow these easy six tips.

1. Keep It Separate. If you’re married, you should well know that you’re not a spring chicken any longer. Your youth is most likely past. You’re committed for life. However, it’s easy to have an extramarital affair and a healthy marriage if you simply keep them entirely separate. Don’t mix the two in any way. Don’t take your model escort where your wife should be, and don’t take your wife where your mistress should be.

2. Keep It Private. Keep a good head on your shoulders and know who you can and cannot trust. Don’t boast to the husband of your wife’s best friend about your extramarital extravaganzas. It’s obvious that he’ll just tell his wife, who will, in turn, tell your wife. Don’t tell your family members, whether it’s your brother, cousin or dad. It will get around to your wife. If anything, tell your male friends who are also having their own extramarital affairs and companions. Under that situation alone should you reveal your secret goings on.

3. Split The Finances. If your wife has anything to do with the finances, she’ll figure out pretty quickly if you’re spending money on jewellery, hotel stays, designer lingerie and other goodies for your high end escort model, simply because she’ll never see it. Open your own credit card or bank account and have all statements delivered to your work, where she won’t be able to snoop in your statements.

Got it so far? All you have to do is keep your wife and your escort models separate to enjoy sweet extramarital success.

4. Treat Your Wife.

Remember to never neglect your wife, even if you do have a model escort on the side. Your mistress may be young, attractive and full of life, but your wife is the one who threw her lot in with you for the long haul. Sleep with your classy model escort, but send your wife flowers. Take your hot model on a private luxury trip to Dubai, but send your wife to a spa in the Mediterranean.

5. Find A New Neighbourhood. London has enough luxury and high-class neighbourhoods to

hang around without crossing paths with your wife or your wife’s friends. Choose one to conduct your extramarital business and stick with it. Whether you choose Kensington, Mayfair or another, stay there and enjoy the many model escorts of London.

6. Enjoy Yourself. The worst thing you can do is get nervous, which will cause you to make mistakes. Relax, enjoy the experience and be yourself. If you’re not, you’ll do something you’ll eventually regret. Confidence is sexy and confidence is definitely key, so be sure to remain confident in your actions, whether dealing with your high class model escort or your wife. This will ensure you remain in both of their good graces, and neither will suspect a thing.