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Headed To London’s Belgravia Neighbourhood? Let One Of Our Belgravia Escorts Show You Around!

If you’ve never been to Belgravia, you may not know all of the great luxury experiences it can offer. Our high end Belgravia escorts can you show all the area has for the luxury connoisseur. 

Belgravia is home to some of the most exclusive and some of the most expensive property in the world. It’s known internationally for its extreme wealth and if you’re one of the world’s wealthiest, you’ll certainly be in good company. In fact, much of the area is still owned by the Duke of Westminster. The district is very near Buckingham Palace and Sloane Street, a popular luxury shopping district in Chelsea, that will serve your Belgravia escort’s every luxury shopping need, from Tiffany’s to Hermes. If you’ve come to look at the properties in this exclusive area, you’ll notice one thing right off the bat, and that is the extreme similarities in the housing. Most have beautiful grand terraces and elegant white stucco. It’s most definitely a very externally fashionable region, and has been since its inception. In fact, it’s so fashionable and exclusive that many fashion houses have made their homes in Belgravia. There is, though, one small part of the neighbourhood that’s devoted to quirkier, more local, boutique art and antique shops, and that’s Pimlico Road. There are also a few embassies, great if you’re working in foreign diplomacy and need a place to stay or visit. You’ll also find that Lowndes Square, close to Harvey Nichols and Knightsbridge, holds quite a lot of the most expensive housing, where at one time there was the most expensive house in all of London. However, as a whole, Belgravia is relatively quiet when it’s compared to some of the city’s other neighbourhoods, where there are comparatively more shopping, restaurants and tourists. Instead, Belgravia is more catered to the upper crust who want to stay amongst their own kind, in a more relaxing, less rushed atmosphere, though there’s still plenty of excitement to be found.

You’ll find that Belgravia has been given its rightful accolades in popular fiction and film, from Brideshead Revisite to Downton Abbey to Sherlock and Match Point. A fair amount of celebrities and famous individuals have lived in the area as well. Think such individuals as Chopin, Mozart, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Mary Shelley, Alfred Lord Tennyson and more.

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So you know you and your Belgravia beauty will fit in, what now?

When you and your Belgravia escort are wandering the area, there are a few things you’ll most likely for sure want to check out. The shopping, of course, as has already been mentioned, and then the luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. However, other than these things, Belgravia doesn’t have too terribly much to offer. It’s not necessarily a tourist attraction, and so remains a popular place for the affluent members of London society, who would rather stay away from the riffraff. In other words, it’s a perfect place for you and your Belgravia escort to stay in your luxury hotel, away from the world, enjoying luxury amenities and service in the comfort of a royal suite. Maybe you want to slip away for a little while for you both to enjoy a fine dinner, or a few drinks, but other than that, it’s really a very relaxing neighbourhood. So sit back and enjoy it! No need to rush around here.

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